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Financial Adeptness: #1 Objective for AP Departments

In 2008, an economic meltdown occurred all around the world. It has been almost a decade since the onset of this recession and the first attempts to kick start recovery. While the financial markets have now bounced back and enterprises […]

Accounts Payable Automation and Real Time Data

Accounts Payable Automation is the compass of an accounts payable department, resulting from cloud solutions that help keep an organization efficient and productive. The result has been improved decision-making and business forecasting. Clearly, the future is in the cloud. When […]

AP Automation VS Manual Invoice Processing

Even the most efficiently run organizations can find its manpower and budget drained due to their accounts payable or AP department. It’s not that their accountants or admin personnel are the problem, it’s the faulty, error prone, manual invoice processing […]

Six Ways AP Automation can Impact an Organization

Managing an accounts payable department can prove to be quite demanding, but with the right tools it can be rewarding and profitable. Accounts payable is often looked upon as a subordinate department, expected to cut costs while increasing performance, visibility […]

AP Automation Can Fix Your Paper Problem

The transfer of information and documents throughout an organization is essential to its success. This internal communication can make or break a company and determine whether or not it can maintain a competitive edge. Paper documents pose a significant obstacle to […]

Accounts Payable Enemy #1

It used to be enough for a company to succeed with nothing but an innovative product and an intriguing sales pitch. In today’s increasingly competitive market, however, businesses have found that they must optimize their internal workings in order to […]