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How AP Automation Facilitates Business Contracts

Buyers and suppliers negotiate contracts all the time. Sometimes they are in the form of purchase orders that must be accepted when received. At other times there are lengthier general contracts involved that are negotiated before a purchase order is […]

Innovation with AP Automation

The very definition of an entrepreneur implies someone who innovates. Innovation is what drives the market; without it, the spirit of competition would drown in a sea of redundancy. Although innovation is often seen as something that comes from the […]

Surmounting the Accounts Payable Supplier Hurdle

Accounts payable technology in America has become well-established and is advancing rapidly. However, as with other technologies, even though positive changes are occurring rapidly, they are not necessarily being rapidly accepted. Defining the Problem The most efficient accounts payable process […]

The Ripple Effect of Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation Effects more than AP Drop a pebble into a pond, or skip a stone across a lake, and watch what happens. The pebble or stone sinks quickly from sight, but ripples spread from the point of contact […]

Switching to Accounts Payable Automation

Despite advances in technology, much of the work done by corporate accounts payable department’s remains manual, handled through paper. There are a number of reasons why this is so, but chief among them is that suppliers have displayed a remarkable […]

Older Blogs on E-Invoicing and AP Automation 2010-2013

LOSING THE OPERATOR: HOW EIPP SOLUTIONS CHANGE THE FACE OF PAYABLES You know when you have an argument and it just sort of sits with you for a while?  Like a berry seed stuck in between your teeth?  I’m still stuck […]