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The ePayables Winning Mix

Recently, Ardent Partners released a study they call the “State of ePayables” report. In it, they lay out what is the “Best in Class” when it comes to successful accounts payable automation. We hit here on the ePayables winning mix. […]

Debunking the Top 5 AP Automation Myths

In this era of digitalization, automation has become an excellent option for AP departments. Automation offers AP departments increased efficiency, cost savings, and greater speed in processing invoices. However, as AP automation grows so does the misconceptions and myths around […]

Making the Switch to E-invoicing

AP Automation has revolutionized the purchase-to-pay process for both buyers and suppliers. While many of the world’s largest companies have already made the shift from manual to automatic payments, most mid-sized companies still lag behind in this area, for a […]

Accounts Payable Automation – Steps to Achievement

In difficult economic downturns learning to do more with less can be the difference between getting through the rough times and enduring. Accounts Payable departments are no different. Accounts Payable Automation can transform AP from a cost center into profit […]

Older Blogs on E-Invoicing and AP Automation 2010-2013

LOSING THE OPERATOR: HOW EIPP SOLUTIONS CHANGE THE FACE OF PAYABLES You know when you have an argument and it just sort of sits with you for a while?  Like a berry seed stuck in between your teeth?  I’m still stuck […]

Electronic Invoicing Data: A Valuable tool for Restaurants

There are numerous ways in which Electronic Invoicing reduces costs and improves efficiency in the restaurant industry. I could easily write about the increase in productivity as a result of AP workers not have to manually enter in data. Or […]