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  • Protecting Data – Moving sensitive data for some of the world’s largest corporations is what we do. It requires reliability and security. iPayables uses the highest encryption protocols available to ensure that customer data remains secure. Our facilities, servers, and procedures are independently audited to add another layer of surety.
  • Outside the Firewall – Because iPayables is a hosted solution, there is no need to give suppliers access inside a firewall. Suppliers access the iPayables servers without ever connecting to the customer’s systems.


At iPayables, we consistently and securely facilitate the delivery of electronic invoicing and payment data for some of the world’s largest corporations.

  • Platform iPayables technology is hosted using Microsoft’s .NET platform on Dell Servers. All internal processing is XML based and all pertinent functionality is web service enabled.
  • Scalability – The .NET platform is a key to iPayables’ scalability. Proven in the recent and large implementations of some very notable clients, the combination of .NET technologies and multiple Dell servers provides quick, extreme.
  • XML – iPayables use of XML throughout the entire solution has made interfacing with internal systems extremely simple. iPayables web service capabilities make interfacing to external systems equally as simple.


With accounts payable automation, audits are simplified. Rather than having to search through paper and potentially stumble upon duplicates or unapproved payments, auditors have access to every invoice electronically.

  • Searchability – With iPayables InvoiceWorks®, you can search invoices electronically, making it easier for auditors to gain access to the information the need quickly and efficiently.
  • Control and Visibility – Because you control your entire process and because that process is appropriately visible, duplicate invoices are caught before being processed. Additionally, until it receives proper authorization, an invoice will not continue in the process. With automation, you don’t have to worry about auditors finding invoice mix-ups because you get it right the first time, every time.