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Invoice Processing Cost

Competitive Pricing

There are many benefits to switching from a paper invoicing process to a streamlined electronic invoicing approach using iPayables InvoiceWorks. Chief among them is the cost reduction through automation. Larger organizations typically pay anywhere from $3 – 13 to process a paper invoice. When multiplied by the thousands of invoices that are processed in a normal month, the costs become staggering. By switching to electronic invoicing with iPayables, the invoice processing cost is reduced to around only $1 – 2 per invoice.

iPayables vs. the Competition

Although some of our competitors might have similar per-invoicing prices and implementation fees as iPayables, none offer the superior customer service, innovative workflow solutions and dynamic discounting that you can only find at iPayables. In addition, many of our competitors also charge supplier fees and vendor adoption fees which iPayables offers for free as part of an all-inclusive e-invoicing package.

Some of the benefits of switching to iPayables include:

  • Free Vendor, or Supplier, Adoption
  • No Supplier Fees
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Superior Service
  • Competitive Pricing

Return on your Investment

In addition to the competitive pricing structure of our advanced electronic invoicing system, what really excites our customers is the dramatic effect that a fully automated AP department has on the bottom line. Typically, for large organizations, countless hours and resources are spent on the tedious paper invoicing process. It is a process that can be somewhat chaotic and requires a high level of bureaucracy. With iPayables, you reduce effort in your department while gaining efficiency, visibility and fluidity.

Imagine the increased productivity in accounts payable if there is no data entry, no filing and no supplier phone calls. Imagine improved supplier relations and an approval process that minimizes potential pitfalls. iPayables can make that happen.