ACH Processing and Check Payments

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ACH is an alternative payment solution to Virtual Credit Card or Check Payments. ACH processing delivers funds within about one business week, and at no additional supplier cost. Well within lines of the standards of AP Automation, ACH processing services are accurate and efficient, all while increasing visibility. Simply put, the customer initiates payment and the supplier reviews the remittance advice. With no setbacks noted, the funds settle smoothly into the supplier’s bank account.

Of course, some people just like the feeling of paper in hand when they get paid, and that’s okay. However, it shouldn’t mean that you’re still spending the time writing up the check payments. Send iPayables a file with a list of all your suppliers and we can identify which of those wants to receive payment via check. Once it’s approved, we’ll print and mail the checks on your behalf. Your supplier should be happily holding that paper check in just one to two business days.