Vendor Portal

Supplier Portal Webinar

Last month, on February 5, 2020, Jon Titel and Scott McKeon of iPayables hosted a brief, informative webinar about supplier, or vendor, portals. iPayables patented their original supplier portal 20 years ago and has continued to update it to give […]

Automation: What’s in it for an AP Manager?

If you’re an AP manager, you’ve already heard the hue and cry: “Time to automate!” No doubt you’ve been told about the convenience of AP automation compared to paper invoicing systems. You also realize that everything else in business has […]

Viewing Capabilities for Accounts Payable and Vendors

It’s been said that knowledge is power. If so, power starts with unbridled viewing access to information. The same is true with the business world, of course. It takes a lot of time to build trust between companies that want […]

Searchable Invoices: Another Key Benefit of AP Automation

When you think of the benefits of electronic invoicing, what comes to mind is the way it speeds up the process of paying and getting paid. Yet an often-overlooked benefit is the way a start-to-finish automation solution makes all that […]

See Tracked Changes for Faster Invoice Processing

One of the wonderful things about the computer age is the ability to do business from vast distances instantaneously. This development has, for example, enabled two or more writers to not only work on a document together from opposite sides […]

Vendor Portal: Teaming Up with Vendors in Real Time

We all like to think we have an excellent relationship with each vendor we work with. We’re happy that they supply what we need, and they’re thrilled to have the business. But as anyone who’s run into glitches in the […]

4 Important Accounts Payable Tasks to Automate

The accounts payable department plays a crucial role in your business. It directly impacts cash flow and important relationships with suppliers. Many accounts payable departments are still reviewing invoices manually and cutting paper checks. This is an outdated, labor-intensive process. […]